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Successful performance training requires providing both the appropriate stressor and the specific resources for adaptation. Over the last several years, assessment and monitoring strategies have exploded in a way that has allowed health and performance practitioners to take a more diagnostic approach to training. We can now better understand exactly what type of training stimulus an athlete will benefit most from, as well as what nutrients and recovery resources will best facilitate adaptation. In this one-day seminar, you’ll learn the most progressive and effective assessment and programming methods from some of the industry’s leaders in clinical pharmacology and nutrition, strength and conditioning, and applied sports science.

Core topics will include:

  • Using blood markers and physiological goals to drive different nutrition and supplementation interventions to enhance adaptation, maximize performance, or facilitate recovery
  • Efficient ways to use assessment and monitoring data to improve individualization of training and recovery methods within a team environment
  • Effective program design strategies used to retain performance qualities and allow for recovery during times of increased competitive demand and stress

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  • Saturday July 14th (8:30AM TO 5:00PM)


  • Location: Mike Boyles Strength and Conditioning (MBSC): 29 Draper Street, Woburn MA 01801
  • Contact: Mike Potenza mpotenza@optihp.com

Cost $345.00

Registration fees include: Seminar manual and lunch.

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