Tactical Fitness and Performance (TFP) 2018 Summer High School Athlete Training Program


Training sessions meet every Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Session 1: July 10th to July 27th (9 workouts)
Session 2: July 31st to Aug 17th (9 workouts)


Solar for America Ice in San Joes (2nd floor Gym)
1500 South 10th Street
San Jose, CA 95112


Each three week session costs: $450

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Tactical Fitness and Performance LLC, (TFP) specializes in physical performance enhancement, injury management, rehabilitation//reconditioning programs, soft tissue treatment, nutritional consultation and facility design plans. The system provides a wealth of experience gained from working with high performance athletes from the collegiate level to the professional ranks.  The training program will address the physical performance needs of the athlete at their particular stage of physiologic development and set the stage for future performance gains.

At the higher levels of student athlete participation, the physical demands increase as well as the academic. The educational component of this program is to teach that there is a balance between both training, competition and academics.  Instruction throughout the course of training will also be to teach the student athletes on how sleep, proper nutrition, and recovery will help to manage the physical and mental stress of sport and school. 


The following are a list of training methods that develop, enhance, sustain and educate the High School aged student athlete.  A well-structured training program prevents injury and continues to create new physical limits for the athlete.  The establishment of a solid training foundation and understanding of what makes up a healthy lifestyle will follow the athlete beyond their years as a competitive athlete.

  • Work ethic and the establishment of proper training habits
  • Proper Warm-Up and prep work
  • Training the Hips and Core
  • Speed Training (Linear/Lateral Skills and Change of Direction)
  • Strength Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Nutrition and Recovery



TFP believes that empowering young athletes with an education on training and building the individuals work ethic will set the stage for physical performance gains.   We do not want to simply provide on-field drills and workouts with no direction or meaning.  We want the athletes to consider the relationship that exists between the MENTAL, PHYICAL and ONE’s CHARACTER and how that can lead you down the path of success.