Mission Statement

To fully optimize physical resiliency and performance, a holistic approach to training, metabolism, tissue extensibility, joint mobility, nutrient intake, recovery, longevity and health must be taken.  Optimizing Human Performance seminars have an educational focus and commitment to bringing the most up-to-date information in the above areas of health and performance enhancement to the professionals in the trenches.  Each educational event fosters an environment for sports performance specialists, Military performance specialists, nutritionists, functional medicine and rehabilitation specialists to learn the most effective strategies for enhancement of training adaptations and improvements to health and longevity.  Our presenters bring a wealth of experience in clinical pharmacology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation and applied sports science.  Our collective goal is to collaborate, build, and learn while educating our industry to develop resiliency for life and performance.

San Jose Seminar

Mapping Cellular Metabolic Performance:
Maximizing physical performance through targeted nutrients,
diet and other therapies

June 29th-30th

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Woburn Seminar

Optimizing Adaptation & Performance:
Providing a holistic continuum of care from foundational health to
elite performance

July 14th

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National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) approved 0.8 CEU(s)